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Are these IDs scannable?
Yes they can be scanned and they will show all information that is on the card in the proper format.
Can I purchase only 1 ID ?
We don’t sell only 1 id.The reason we provide two SAME IDs for each person is that if you lose one, you don’t have to pay for another.
What state would you say is the “best” / or comes out the best?
All IDs are good, except SC is better.
How/when can I get an ID at less than 100$ for each person?
If you want to get IDs for less than 100 dollars per person,you can get 10 or more people to order. In this case an ID will cost 75 dollars per person. For 20 people or more is even cheaper!
Tracking is provided once the order has been shipped via an automated system. Normally it takes 5-10 business days to get to you from the time of payment. Weekends are not business days. Currently with sprint break right aroud the corner it could take longer!
What are the payment methods?
You can pay with Bitcoin or Western Union.
I am going to take a picture in front of a blue background, will you edit the background colour to make it look more official?
For further information regarding photos or signature, please read the order page and follow the instructions.
Aside from the states you have listed on the site what other ids do you offer?
We offer only the IDs that are presented on the website.
Is it possible to choose a custom address for my ID?
We will choose the Id's address for customers. It is a real address, but a random one.If you want your own ID address, you can mention it in the extra info box.
Black light and UV?
Please read website and watch video.
How do you ship the IDs? Is it package or envelope?
Express, and it is an envelope.
Do you make under 21 IDs?
No, we do not!
What are your terms of service?
BUYING AND OWNING ANY OF THESE IS 100% LEGAL. ANYONE CAN HAVE IT, THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS. What you do with it is up to you!Sometimes you just need to have a novelty ID for movies or what not.I do not condone anything you do that may or may not be illegal please use your own judgement as I am not in a country where these are illeg...